Windows is so bad

Mentre son qui che penso se fare o meno il “grande passo” di andare sul Mac (soprattutto perchè butto ORE ad attendere che il mio PC windows tratti le mie immagini, ormai sempre più pesanti a causa del formato pieno con cui scatto) mi imbatto in questo articolo di Ken Rockwell, un “guru” della fotografia che amo seguire (preziosissimi i suoi consigli sul materiale Nikon, ottiche etc.)

American businesses lose billions of dollars a year to lost productivity from using windows computers for business, instead of computers that work, like Apple.

The only reason I mention this again is because I had to stop what I was doing (formatting my recent Northern California photos to share) and help my wife get her P.O.S. windows computer, provided to her by her multi-billion-dollar employer, to print something. Whatever crappy Microsoft software she was running stopped, and we both wasted another half an hour doing what Apple always just does.

Using Windows is like living in a Communist country. It wears you down and tries to make you think that you owe it your allegiance. Weak people say “I can’t beat the Communist government” or “all the people in my industry use windows, so I have to, too,” and we all lose.

Our duty as Americans is to keep the world free, and stop Communism anyplace it might sprout. America doesn’t sit around idly and let bad things happen. America gets out and brings freedom to people all over the world, whether they live in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anyplace there are problems. So why do Americans settle for the daily hassles that trying to use windows brings?

You can do your part by using Apple, which just works. All your software runs on it, and if not, you can run Windows on Apple computers anyway, and so what: Apples open all your windows files and sends them just fine.

I remember back when I had a job and my employer’s crappy $4,000 windows laptop was in for one of its usual repairs for the week. I continued to work unimpeded on my personal Mac.

When I met my boss and handed him all the paperwork he wasn’t expecting to get, he said “I thought your computer was in the shop?” “Yes,” I said, “so I did this all on my Mac.” He had no idea that all our secret and proprietary hoop-de-do files worked even better on my Mac than the windows crap Tektronix used, like most computationally more foolish US businesses.

Last week a colleague asked if I knew how to fix his virus-dead computer. I responded “Buy a Mac.” I was right: he was on a windows computer, which are designed to get viruses so that you have to replace them every couple of years.

Me? My laptop is over 5 years old and runs perfectly, any my main Mac is over three years old and runs flawlessly.

OK, the windows P.O.S. finally choked out my wife’s document, so I can get back to my own work. Criminy, windows still can’t print word-processor documents as well as DOS did back in the 1970s. If you’ve been watching this as long as I have, it’s obvious that windows doesn’t work, and will never work properly, because it is designed to work that poorly.

In case you were wondering, I never have to restart my Mac, while of course the fix for my wife’s P.O.S. was to restart it. My Mac runs perfectly for months on end. I only turn it off if I go away shooting for a week.

Sad, but true. Windows hurts America. All these little “computer problems” cost time, which costs money. All these little glitches add up to billions of dollars in lost productivity, which costs everyone jobs, except the folks overseas who support windows computers. This is not acceptable, which is why I have no tolerance for windows and its finicky defects that require you to be a hacker just to get it to go.

If you want to get something done, get an Apple. It’s all you’ll need for a very long time.

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  1. mia
    mia dice:

    Alla fine l’ho fatto quel passo: è demoralizzante.

    Se io costruissi dei PC e dovessi misurarmi con i Mac, cambierei mestiere… se posso fare un paragone, è stato come salire sulla mia prima BMW GS dopo aver avuto una Honda Varadero: avevo solo una cosa da dire a chi storceva il naso (che era esattamente quello che facevo io in precedenza): provare per credere, poi ne riparliamo…

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